Tata Gereja, Eklesiologi, Penggembalaan, dan Budaya

Church order is one of the tools of service used by the church in order to regulate the life of the church. As a service tool, the church order contains various kinds of rules based on the Bible, and it is intended to govern, direct the life of the church and direct the church in its service and organization. Furthermore, the rules in the church order also derives from the ecclesiology not based on the Bible of the church, which is based on the situation and the context of the church.
This is what happens to GBKP Church Order 2015-2025, which was recently ratified at the 35th GBKP Synodal Session on April 18-25, 2015. In the aforementioned church order, one can find significant changes, one of which is the incorporation of traditional cultural values of Karo in the Preamble of Church Order GBKP 2015-2025. This inclusion is a new development in the history of church order in GBKP. As a documentation of church rule, of course, GBKP Church Order 2015-2025 also has its various deficiencies.
The existence of Karo custom and cultural values included in the Church Procedure also still needs to be studied in more deeply, particularly in its connection with ecclesiology and church discipline in GBKP. Both ecclesiology and church discipline have an important role in the church life in GBKP. In that case, ecclesiology and church discipline must also have a connection with Karo customs and culture as one of the things that characterize GBKP church. The understanding of Karo's customs and culture in ecclesiology and church discipline can still be expanded and deepened especially in its presence in GBKP Church Procedure 2015-2025.

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