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Background. Issue on porneia, particularly free sex among youngsters, has become a socially weighty concern for many, including the Church. The case is also found among the Catholic Youth Community in the Parish of Kristus Terang Dunia Waena (KTDW). Being aware of its negative effects for the personal growth of the youngsters, the Church need to be present and accompany them in order to deal with the problem.
The purpose. The purpose of the research is to expose the Pauline theology of the body, found in 1Cor 6:12-20 as a plausible foundation to refrain from porneia in accompanying the Catholic Youth Community.
The method. To achieve the goal, two researches have been carried out. First is a field study to gain an empirical data on the understanding of porneia and body amongst the Catholic youngsters. The method of the study is a descriptive quantitative. The second is an elaboration of Pauline theology of the body in 1Cor 6:12-20. Method of the study is socio-critical hermeneutics. The result findings of these two studies are materials used to develop a short course on christian faith.
Research findings. The empirical research findings among the catholic youngsters are (1) the level quality of (a) the perception on their body and the harm of free sex conduct is excellent (83,64%); (b) the understanding of the causes of the free sex conduct is good (79,91%); (c) effects of the free sex is good (78,66%); (d) the understanding of the efforts to refrain the free sex is excellent (88%). (2) There are 22% of respondents have the experience in free sex. The second study concludes in three exegetical knots: Firstly, the human body is a gift from God to be used responsibly. Secondly, human being is a person called to be actively involved in the work of God's salvation. Thirdly, human being is a manifestation of incarnated presence of God in the world.
Product. Based on the results of the two studies above, five short courses on christian faith are elaborated: 1) Jesus, the incarnated Word of God. 2) The human body as a theology. 3) Sexuality in Corinth and Jayapura. 4) The human body versus porneia. 5) Married or Celibate? Body and life choices for the sake of the glory of God

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In you are sent
The types of TRUTHS whose life is THE TO COME;
in you soars up the Adam from the fall;
In you the FUTURE as the PAST is given-
Ev''n in our death ye bid us hail our birth;-
Unfold these pages, and behold the Heaven,
Without one grave-stone left upon the Earth
BULWER-LYTTON - The Souls of Books.