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Children are gifts from God who are present in the world to perform their duties and have specific goals, for themselves, families, communities, natural environment, and God. Children will grow to know who they are and what their faith is. Children’s lives are influenced by some factors; such as, models given by parents and the environment they live in.
When we are talking about the models given by parents and environment, Children in GMIT Imanuel, Noebesa have issues that are related to them. The problems are that parents send their children to work as manganese miners to get the money to fulfill the necessities of their lives. This leads to severe environmental deterioration. This is exacerbated by the fact that the Christian education in the church does not educate children to be sensitive for environmental deterioration. Indoctrinating patterns are very strong in the children’s faith education activities. Consequently, the worst thing that will happen is that children think that they can do anything, including taking whatever in nature and selling it, to meet their needs. Children will grow to be the next generations who do not pay attention to other creatures and their will also grow to be greedy individuals who will sacrifice nature in order to fulfill their wishes. It will certainly destroythe life of the whole of creation.
An understanding that sees the universe as the means to meet the needs must be changed so that people will see nature as their integral part and they are inseparable. To meet the goal, the writer uses interviews and literature methods. The writer met and interviewed parents, children, Sunday school teachers, church council, and pastor. In addition, the writer also did the literature exploration by using Christian education approach and social theories by H. A. R. Tilaar and Daniel Schipani about social transformation.
To solve these problems, then the writer offers a design for Christian education on environment which is oriented on social transformation for the children in GMIT Imanuel,Noebesa. Through this education, the writes hopes that children are made aware of the urgency of improving themselves and their knowledge to be responsible for the future lives of the earth. This education is also expected to lead the children to love God through their love for all creation.
Keywords: Globalization, indoctrinative, manganese mining, environmental degradation, social transformation, sustainable living.

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