Menuju Ekoliturgi Indonesia

Toward an Ecoliturgy of Indonesia

This dissertation is a construction of the new approach in the relationship between the church and ecology. This construction is called Ecoliturgy. The Ecoliturgical construction in this dissertation is a critical analysis of the creation spirituality of Matthew Fox and the cosmoliturgy of Batak Toba. Creation spirituality of Matthew Fox and the cosmoliturgy of Batak Toba have very similar characteristics: befriends creation. In both of these, creation is sacred and sacramental, and human beings are part of that creation. Both view the unbreakable bonds in all creations: all are inter-connected and inter-dependent.
The ecoliturgical construction in this dissertation is elaborated into four inter- connecting themes: eco-theology, eco-spirituality, eco-aesthetic, and eco-ethic. Why is the liturgical approach used? In my observation, the Church liturgy, especially in HKBP (Christian Batak Church), is still understood in a narrow sense of the word. Liturgy is usually defined as the order of service in the church or in other worship services. In this definition, liturgy is oriented more towards heaven, not the world. In this perspective, the world (ecology) becomes ignored. This is not good for the continuation and preservation of creation. Whereas, the basic meaning of liturgy in itself is public work, in this world and daily.
Ecoliturgy offers a fresher paradigm, that all of our lives here on earth is a liturgy. God is present everywhere and every time. That is why, this universe itself is holy. All creations are good and have values. There is not a life that should be ignored. All creations are borne from the womb of God. They are all sacramental. God is present through His creations: the limited accommodates the unlimited. God speaks through the natural world and is still continually speaking. The church liturgy should continue to remind its members toward this kind of understanding so in turn, the congregation will possess spirituality that befriends creation, and they can make
the right ethical choices in their daily living.

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